Paper Mache

The turtle, cat and dog were made using Paper Mache.  The car is a stock peddle car.  I decided to attached the peddle car to the wall since I am running out of floor space. 

Since I was planning to attached the peddle car to a wall, I used an internal steel frame to support the animals.  I also like to add support to the thin members like the dog’s ears and the cat tail by embedding steel rods.  That way I do not have to worry about them breaking off.   

The initial coating was done by the traditional Paper Mache methods.  The final coat was cloth fabric with white Elmer glue.  I like the hard surface from using fabric and glue.  

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This section showcases the paper mache and styrofoam sculptures.  Most of the sculptures have a welded steel frame embedded inside.  This gives me the ability to make thin appendages without having to worry about them breaking. The steel frame allowed me to install bolts to anchor the sculptures.  In my blog sections I have additional pictures showing how some of the sculptures were made. 

Paper Mache and Styrofoam sculptures