Fused Glass Kinetic Sculpture

The kinetic sculpture is 23 inches high.  The cat and dog are fused glass and the support is painted welded steel.  I enjoy trying to combine fused glass with other art mediums.  When I start, I am never sure how it will turn out.  But that is the fun of trying new things.  Sometimes you end up with a dud; other times you think wow! 

The kiln is ready for the first firing.  It melts the two layers of glass into one solid piece.  

The eyes and facial features are added to the fused glass which is ready for the second firing. 

A close up of the dog which is ready for the second firing. 

I duck taped the fused glass to the kinetic sculpture so I can take it for a test drive.  If I need to make any changes, this is my last chance.  My initial reaction was that it swinging motion was too fast.  My other kinetic sculptures, the motion is considerably slower.  So I decided to try to slow the swinging motion down. 

My first attempt was to increase the weight and length of the pendulum.  I duck taped a hammer to the end of the pendulum.  The motion was still too fast. 

My second attempt was to significantly increase the length of the pendulum.  I duck taped a pipe to the pendulum.  It did not seem to make much difference.  So I decide to stay with the original design. 

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