The lamp is 29 inches high and is made entirely out of steel.  To aid in the finishing of the lamp I attached the little guy using threaded rod.  The Little guy was hand painted using One Shot paint.  The lightning bolt and base are steel plates that were ground using a 24 grit grinding wheel.  The base was air brushed using a transparent green paint.  Afterward both were coated using DuPont ChromaClear Snap Dry Clearcoat.  It has a flash time of 3 to 5 minute between recoats which is great since you need to apply several coats to smooth out the rough surface from the 24 grit grinding wheel.  The final product is as smooth as a new car finish.  The DuPont ChromaClear is expensive, but it is the only product that I found that can give you the smooth high glossy appearance like a new car finish.