eagle crest with back light

Imperial Eagle Crest

I bought the Imperial Eagle Crest and gilders paste from King Architectural Metals.  It was the first time I have worked with gilder paste.  Gilder paste seems to work best on a surface that has been sand blasted.  On smooth surfaces, the gilder paste does not coat the surface very well.  Even on surfaces that …

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Humming Bird

Humming Bird

I decided to try to make a humming bird.  The tulip and the humming bird’s wings, I purchased from King Architectural Metal.  The base is made of scrap pieces of steel.  I covered the base using 7024 welding electrodes.  I painted everything except for the base using One Shot Paint.  The base was painted using …

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Fused Glass Space Ship

Another project combining steel with fused glass.  The steel background is 22” by 28”.  It consists of 1/8” steel plate with ¾” by 1/8” steel strap welded around the perimeter.  The fit was not perfect, but I was able to bridge the gap with welding.  Sometimes it takes a second attempt to eliminate the welding …

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Fused Glass

I was trying to come up with some new ideals combining fused glass with steel. The two kinetic sculptures are 28 inches high, and the little guy is 21 inches. The steel was painted using One Shot Paint. 

Heart and Star

The heart artwork is 23 inches high by 17 inches wide.  The heart was made using 18 gauge sheet metal so I could bend it by hand.  The star artwork is 21 inches wide by 16 inches high.  The star,  round spheres, and  forged items were purchased from Kings Architectural Metals.

Vent Registers

I decided to customize a couple of air duct grilles in my house.  To provide the support for the artwork, I welded a steel frame using 1/8” thick by 3” wide steel plates.  The steel frame would be attached to the wood framing behind the air duct  sheet metal.  

House Number

   The house number is 35 inches long.  The aluminum numbers are ½” thick and 5” high.  I order the aluminum letters with weld tabs.  Welding the number to the 18 gauge sheet metal made it difficult to paint.  Because of the lack of paint behind the aluminum numbers, there will eventually be rust stains …

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Bird and Rider

I original made the sculpture for attaching to the wall.  I like the way it turned out so I decided to make a kinetic sculpture using the same theme.  The bird has a wing span of 20 inches and the kinetic sculpture is 53 inches high.  The body is a steel pipe which I tapered …

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The lamp is 29 inches high and is made entirely out of steel.  To aid in the finishing of the lamp I attached the little guy using threaded rod.  The Little guy was hand painted using One Shot paint.  The lightning bolt and base are steel plates that were ground using a 24 grit grinding …

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paper towel holder

Paper Towel Holder

I enjoy trying to combine fused glass with other mediums.  The paper towel holder is a combination of welded steel and fused glass.  The fused glass required two separate firing.  The first firing was a full fuse for the cat’s head and eyes.  The second firing was a partial fuse to fused the cat’s facial …

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